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Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer – Car, truck, and bus accidents happen every day. But when they happen to you, or to someone …


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101 Video Marketing Tips and Strategies for Small Businesses

New updated version! Includes tips and strategies such as: YouTube advertising, Facebook advertising, wearable computing with Google Glasses and Aerial video marketing with drones etc. Discover how to plan, record and promote videos to attract more clients and customers to your company. Learn to implement the latest YouTube and iPhone video marketing strategies in this insightful book. Most small and medium size companies are unaware of the huge power of utilizing video as a tool to improve the

List Price: $ 7.97

Price: $ 5.78

Video Marketing For Dummies

Savvy advice for adding video to your marketing planVideo marketing is rapidly gaining popularity in online marketing and this fun-but-practical guide presents you with all aspects of video marketing from planning to production to distribution. You’ll learn how to create a video strategy, produce an effective video, put it online, and get your video to the right consumers so you can help your business succeed. The author team has vast experience in video creation and marketing and explores ten v

List Price: $ 24.99

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Treatment is out on 9th September! Click here to pre-order Music video by Labrinth performing Treatment. (C) 2012 Simco L…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

VEVO GO Shows come to Oz! Labrinth performing ‘Treatment’ at Bondi Beach.


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The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living

Have you ever driven several miles without noticing anything on the road, or read a page in a book without registering any of it? Do the day’s worries and disappointments crowd your mind as you’re trying to fall asleep at night? Do you feel stressed much of the time and aren’t sure how to find peace? In this book, Amit Sood, M.D., M.Sc., a Mayo Clinic specialist in stress and resiliency, reveals how the mind’s instinctive restlessness and shortsightedness generate stress and anxiety and pres

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 9.43

Stress Management: A Practical Guide to Stress Management – Relax and Enjoy Life: Stress Relief and Stress Management Techniques

Eliminating Stress is Essential to Maximize Your Life

With Stress Management techniques, you can beat back against stress and find your true motivation and room to breathe in a stressful world.

This book asks you the question: do you find yourself unable to breathe with a constant headache, a constant stomachache, and a million things to do? Stressful situations follow you around from work, to family, to friends, to relationships. In order to survive the endless stressors in y


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Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East

Finalist for the 2014 National Book Critics Circle Award in Biography

One of the Best Books of the Year:
The Christian Science Monitor
The Seattle Times 
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 
Chicago Tribune

A New York Times Notable Book

The Arab Revolt against the Turks in World War I was, in the words of T. E. Lawrence, “a sideshow of a sideshow.” As a result, the conflict was shaped to a remarkable degree by a small handful of adventurers and low-level officer

List Price: $ 17.95

Price: $ 8.94


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Internet Marketing For 2015 and BEYOND

Steve B Wrote:1. Education and learning in IM is a very good thing . . . to a point. I recommend that everyone spend 1/2 hour a day, as a minimum, on learning IM. Don’t consider learning your craft a chore – relish the opportunity to discover ideas and principles that will bless your life with prosperity. But a caution is in order: the pursuit of an IM education is no substitute or excuse for “on the job training.” Some have been “learning,” nearly full time, for many many years. Instead, learn as you go about your business. If you wait until you “know it all” you’ll waste a lot of time that you could have used to set up, experience and build a simple new business. And believe me, experience is always the best education.

2. IM can be simple unless you complicate it to the point that it becomes quite complex. Take note that I didn’t say IM was easy. You should recognize the difference. There are actually very few things you really need in order to set up a sales system, have a product to sell (your own or someone elses), a transaction platform and a delivery mechanism. But filling that system with prospects and converting them to buyers is not always easy; in fact, selling can be very hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. Especially in the beginning, keep things simple and spend your time understanding how and where to find prospects and turn them into buyers.

3. Decisions are your friend. You must make them everyday in your business. Don’t rely on people in this forum to make them for you. Study alternatives, get feedback to help you weigh the alternatives, then be decisive, choose one, and move forward. Even if your choice is wrong, you’ll know soon enough and have a chance to go with something else. Think about your own life. Everything good that has happened to you has been the result of deciding to do something. Indecision has claimed a heavy toll on many IMers in this forum who have literally spent years trying to get started with something . . . anything!

4. Some IMers can only focus on the money. If you do that, you will never be satisfied with the amount you make. A better approach, IMO, is to focus on helping and serving the customer. If you serve well and provide your customers with quality products and services, money will be the result. If you take a personal interest in their interests (not yours), they will recognize you for your empathy and concern and reward you with their money. Owning trust in a world full of doubt and skepticism is a goldmine because your clients will shower you with loyalty and repeat business.

5. Your time is valuable. Sometimes, especially when you’re broke, you have to spend your time on all the tasks necessary to execute a business plan. Understood. But in no industry like IM is the phrase “time is money” more appropriate. Learn well the principle of leverage. It’s what allows you to take your business to consecutively higher levels of income. It’s what allows you to let go of certain time intensive activities that are done better and more efficiently by people trained to be experts in that one thing. It’s what the smartest business owners use to back themselves out of the daily management of routine tasks in order to have more free time to enjoy life.

6. In Internet business, you are responsible for everything. Whatever you may now believe, it’s no one’s fault but your own. Period. It’s not Google’s fault, it’s not your mentor’s fault, it’s not the software’s fault, it’s certainly not the customer’s fault, it’s not your ex’s fault, or you mother-in-law’s fault. Don’t blame it on your language, your education, your lack of time, your age, your girl friend, the computer, your niche, PayPal or ClickBank. And in the very rare instance that it really does happen to be someone else’s fault . . . it’s still your fault!

7. Some people are born and live their entire lives in the state of denial. If you have a weakness that stops you from doing a necessary business chore, don’t ignore it, put if off forever, or deny that you have a problem. Get some help, fix it, and move on. If you don’t have money to start a business – go get some (it doesn’t take much). If you don’t have the time to nurture your customers – find the time and quit doing other things that take up all your time. If you don’t know how to attract free traffic – spend some money and go get some paid traffic. Find a way to move around every obstacle in your path. Learn how to do hard things or pay someone to do them for you. The better you get at finding solutions, the easier they are to see.

8. Like-minded people nearly always attract each other. If you want to be successful in IM, hang around and pay attention to successful IMers. If you want to be profitable as a blogger, hang around bloggers that are making money. If you want to have a money making e-commerce store, then befriend, listen to, and pay attention to profitable store owners are doing. I love the Warrior Forum, but I can tell you after ten years of participating here that all kinds of advice and suggestions are offered, many of which are worthless, pure guesses, and some even damaging to your business to follow. I’m not saying that most of the people here aren’t genuinely trying to help. But often I shudder at the advice and tips that are given.

9. IM is not the place to be timid and shy. I’m a fairly private and quiet person by nature. That’s not to say that I can’t be a leader or a voice of authority when needed. But I can tell you, without reservation, that if you want success as a marketer, you can’t hold back and wait for good things to happen. Business is war. You have to “put yourself out there” (so to speak) and force your own success. The best way to do that, IMO, is to be confident and authentic, strive to always deliver quality, and aggressively go after prospects and customers by believing that you can help them and that you do have workable solutions to their needs. Believe in yourself, what you’re doing, selling, and advising. So called “black hat” methods, scamming, peddling garbage, and claiming to be or do what you’re not is the sure road to eventual failure. People tremble because they fear they are not “the best.” You can make money without being the best – but it’s important to do your best – always.

10. Persistence is a virtue. I can think of no other personal trait or characteristic more important in IM. If you can’t persist on a project, or toward a goal, or in giving your business a chance to develop over time, I would suggest you not even attempt to start an online business. I mean this in all sincerity – sometimes persistence is the only difference between a profitable and an unprofitable business. The thought of and desire for instant and quick riches is possibly the single biggest reason for failure in this industry. When it doesn’t happen fast enough, many people quit, or jump to a new and different method, only to give up again and again simply because they did not have staying power.

[Image: persistencesm.png]

There you have it. Ten “truths” about Internet marketing that I have learned that I hope will help you.

Opposing views are welcomed. Feel free to add to the list.

To your success!



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Unedited review (with screenshots) available at: In this review I disc…
Video Rating: 4 / 5
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Ultimate Series)

Millions compete for exposure on Google and Bing but 99% of them fail to get results.

As the founder of leading digital intelligence firm AdGooroo, search advertising authority Richard Stokes is in a unique position to reveal what’s going wrong and provide solutions to fix it.

Using proven strategies from today’s search advertising elite, discover how to drive significantly more traffic to your site, dramatically increase click-through rates, steal impressions from competitors,

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The Interior Design Reference & Specification Book: Everything Interior Designers Need to Know Every Day

In the world of interior design, thousands of bits of crucial information are scattered across a wide array of sources. The Interior Design Reference & Specification Book collects the information essential to planning and executing interior projects of all shapes and sizes, and distills it in a format that is as easy to use as it is to carry. You’ll also find interviews with top practitioners drawn across the field of interior design.—Fundamentals provides a step-by-step overview of an inter

List Price: $ 25.00

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Student debt has now surpassed 1 trillion dollars in the US. The high cost of education coupled with a rocky job market means that most students need to defe…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

With a million people set to use payday loans to pay for Christmas this year, Miquita Oliver goes undercover to find out the truth about Britain’s most contr…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Online Business Marketing Met de auto naar Marokko, Salaheddine vraagt aan jongeren in de stad hoe ze dat ervaren en vooral waaraan ze zich irriteren.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Een fietser is donderdagavond ernstig gewond geraakt toen hij op de Vredeoord in Eindhoven werd aangereden door een auto. Beelden: Bert Jansen.


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Strategic Market Research: A Guide to Conducting Research that Drives Businesses, Second Edition

  • ISBN13: 9781936236169
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!

For a company to embrace market research as a facilitator of change, it must be willing to take the approach that makes the most impact on its organization. That approach is the key in making a difference using market research. In this guide, author Anne Beall shares her unique procedure for conducting strategic market research. With more than fifteen years of experience in conducting market research, Beall details the strategic principles she has developed that impact the way in which market re

List Price: $ 9.95

Price: $ 5.98

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Health: Limitless Energy 10 Simple Daily Habits to Naturally Boost Energy: Health Improve Focus, Get Motivated, Lose Weight and Live a Healthier and Happier Life

Do you want more Energy?

Do you often feel tired and run down throughout your day and wish you could just magically flip a switch and feel energized?

Most of us try to flip this switch by consuming cup after cup of coffee or other caffeinated products, simply so that we can feel normal. If this scenario sounds familiar to you than you’re someone who needs to read this book.

If you have tried everything from caffeine to vitamins, to energy shots, to nicot


The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!

The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises is the essential workout guide for anyone who wants a better body. As the most comprehensive collection of exercises ever created, this book is a body-shaping power tool for both beginners and longtime lifters alike. From start to finish, this 480-page muscle manual bulges with hundreds of useful tips, the latest findings in exercise science, and cutting-edge workouts from the world’s top trainers.   Inside The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises you’ll f

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Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book: 448 Great Things to Do in Nature Before You Grow Up

  • Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book

Honorable Mention of the 2013 National Outdoor Book Awards. 
Nature is a destination, but you don’t have to travel anywhere to find it. Just open the door and step outside. A fun, hands on approach to getting involved in nature, The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book is a year-round how-to activity guidebook for getting kids outdoors and exploring nature, be it catching fireflies in the cool summer evenings; making birdfeeders in the fall from peanut butter, pine cones, and see

List Price: $ 18.95

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Tulip Body Art Glitter Kit, Classic

  • Includes 6 glitters Black, Red, Dark Blue, Neon Purple, Neon Pink, Light Green
  • With 5 reusable vinyl stencil sheets with 13 unique whimsical designs
  • Makes over 70 tattoos
  • Find inspiration and techniques at

Tulip Body Art Classic Glitter Tattoo Kit Celebrate your personal style with the Tulip Body Art Classic Glitter Tattoo Kit! Fun for sporting events, parties, costumes, enhancing real tattoos and so much more, you’ll love sporting the shimmery creativity that comes in this kit. Stocked with six vibrant glitters, applicator brushes, stencils and skin adhesive, the Classic Glitter Tattoo Kit contains everything you need to make sparkly self expression simple. The stencils

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Men’s Health (1-year auto-renewal) [Print + Kindle]

Men’s Health is an essential read for guys who want to look better, feel better, and live better. But Men’s Health isn’t just a magazine. It’s the solution-for every bit of chaos, confusion, or suffering that the world can inflict on the male of the species. Belly fat. Fatheaded bosses. Exercise plateaus. Exercise excuses. Her boredom. His boredom. The fast-food menu. The wine list. We give men the tools, strategies, and motivation to handle all of this and more.Men’s Health magazine is the ulti

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Lonve Pink 8GB MP4/MP3 Player 1.8” Screen MP4 Music/Audio/Media Player with FM Radio

  • Supported Audio/Video Formats: MP3, WMA, ASF, AMV & others
  • 8GB – CAN HOLD UP TO 3000+ SONGS
  • Built in rechargeable battery with upto 4-6 hours play time
  • Package Include: 1x MP4 Player(4th Gen), 1x Earphonwa, 1x USB Cable

This tylish, ultra-light, mini MP3 MP4 players can hold a massive 3000+ songs. It is easy handling and carrying, you can enjoy your favorite music whenever and wherever you are. The fashional appearance and the light modle will take you different enjoyment. Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit, so we do ours best to provide the best products and service to you. Love life, love music, love Lonve, love your choice, because you are different.Feature:
* Supported Audio Formats: MP3, WMA, AS

Price: $ 17.59

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Watch as jay “Mr Real Estate” Morrison lectures about how to get the perfect credit score. Also,Mr Morrison discusses the importance of understanding why cre…

We all want to have “good credit,” even though it’s not always clear how to get there; especially when you’re just getting started. But with some solid first…


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Looking for car insurance quotes in philadelphia pa ? Goto now. We pride ourselves in being professionals for auto insur…
Video Rating: 1 / 5

Online Insurance Quotes 2014 – Car Insurance Quotes PA 1 Online Insurance Quotes 2014 – Car Insurance Quotes PA 1 Online Insurance Quotes 2014 – Car Insuranc…
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Hard drive data recovery on a 500GB Western Digital drive. This is actually a follow up to this video:

where we de…
Video Rating: 3 / 5 data recovery on damaged Seagate hard drive In this video we are performing a procedure that is known as a head transplant. Hard dr…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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How to Work from Home and Make Money Online Fast: Mom and Dad Making Internet Income at Home to Earn Extra Cash Now

How to Work from Home and Make Money Online Fast: Mom and Dad Making Internet Income at Home to Earn Extra Cash Now

One Time Promotion: Only .99 for .94 Total Book Value

Dear Friend,

Do you want to work from home and earn extra money online? Are you busy with work, study, and family?

The Internet is a great place to earn good money. However, the regular money making strategies require extensive efforts and huge money investment. If you can’t sit down and do it full-time, you may end up losing money!

The good news is that with this book collection, you can easily earn money whenever you have a bit of time. The first book “How To Make Money Online” shows you two easy ways to make money:

1. To make money with your time, such as conducting surveys or offering proof reading service on Fiverr. This is the easiest way to make money online. For example, I pay my proof reader about 0 a month and she constantly has 7 or 8 work requests in her queue. This is the traditional way to make money.

2. To automate the money making process – you build cash flows and your money will keep rolling in month after month. This is the Internet way to make money. It takes a bit of time to learn new things and requires some investment (about ).

The other two books show you step-by-step how to set up these cash flows easily with mini blogs. The beauty of these blogs is that you don’t have to constantly add new contents to your blogs. All you need is write a product review and recommend a good solution, such as how to lose weight or get ex back. The blog will do the magic and get people from Google and other search engines to buy the product you recommend.

With these simple yet highly efficient money making strategies in this book collection, you can start making money online today.

Look Inside of the Book Collection Now and See How Easy It is To Start Making Money Online today!



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The Diet for Teenagers Only

  • Great product!

“Here’s the deal. You are in the biggest, most important growth spurt of your life. This is the most critical time for you to learn to eat right and treat your body with the respect—and the nutrition—it deserves.”
–from The Diet for Teenagers Only

Teenage girls face a relentless assault on their self-esteem: television, the Internet, and magazines all barrage young women with images of perfection—and that perfection is closely linked with being thin. Over the last decade, this has led to larger health issues like eating disorders and even increased obesity. In The Diet for Teenagers Only, Carrie Wiatt and Barbara Schroeder give teenagers the dietary weapons they need to fight back and make smart, independent decisions by answering their most burning questions…

  • Just what is a calorie, anyway?
  • What’s the best way to lose ten pounds? Or do I really need to lose that weight?
  • I think I may have an eating disorder. What should I do?
  • I hate eating breakfast. Can I just skip it?

A breakthrough diet plan specifically tailored for teenagers and their rapidly changing bodies and lifestyles, The Diet for Teenagers Only is written in a conversational, lighthearted voice. Filled with practical tips and must-have information, you’ll find:

  • color cutouts of favorite foods that clarify what portion sizes should look like
  • recommended 7–day meal plans for different calorie needs—and create-your-own-menu options
  • easy-to-follow recipes and grocery shopping tips
  • a complete illustrated exercise program to boost energy and strengthen young bodies
  • a personal food diary for charting daily progress

For teenagers who struggle with food and their weight, or for those who simply want a head start on designing a smart and satisfying lifestyle, The Diet for Teenagers Only serves up fun, safe, and inspirational ways to be healthy whithout losing sight of the larger picture: While striving to improve your body can be a very healthy goal, learning to love your body is a far more important achievement—and one that will last a lifetime!

Tailored for 13- to 19-year-old girls (sorry, guys) The Diet for Teenagers Only dishes up a sensible balance of recipes, weight loss strategies, and straight talk about food. Writing partners Carrie Wiatt (Eating by Design) and Barbara Schroeder convey all the messages nutrition-wise moms want their daughters to hear–in an informed, best-friend voice their teens will actually listen to.

Trust builds as readers discover “Things They Never Told You;” like how puberty naturally increases a girl’s body fat, diet soda promotes weight gain, and carbohydrates aren’t all bad. No mention of ideal weight spoils the fun, here; rather, Wiatt and Schroeder utilize an age-appropriate BMI (Body Mass Index) to help judge who’s truly overweight and who simply needs “a better body image reality check.” Doodled stars and hearts further enliven the book’s chummy tone, but never upstage the important stuff: food portion guides; nutrients for healthy bodies; calorie requirements based on BMI ranges; low-fat cooking techniques and recipes; weekly menus and shopping strategies for weight loss; and discussions about how a teen’s emotions often drive her eating cycle. Q & A sections slip between meatier chapters, allowing tough issues like fasting, cravings, and eating disorders to be addressed with empathy and pragmatism. Surprisingly helpful are the restaurant and vending machine guidelines, featuring side-by-side substitution lists, titled “Eat This” and “Not That”. Brimming with loving encouragement and the wisdom of gals who have been there, The Diet for Teenagers Only sends a clear message to girls: form good habits now.–Liane Thomas

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 3.00


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Get Ripped Abs – Shrinking Your Stomach, Melting Away Your Stomach Fat, and the 16 Unusual Tips to Keeping It Off For Good

  • The e-Book, Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body (a .95 value), by Mike Geary — loaded with tons of lean-body training and nutrition strategies you can start to use right away…I guarantee you will find some new ideas you never thought of before!
  • Your own personalized metabolic rate calculator — takes your own body characteristics and activity level into account.
  • Five of my secret hard-body workout routines. I guarantee these are WAY different than anything you’ve ever tried before.
  • The brand new ebook, 5 Foods that Kill Stomach Fat (and 2 Foods to STOP Eating)
  • A free subscription to the Lean Body Fitness Secrets E-zine (a value) , with loads of weekly non-traditional exercise tips and creative dietary ideas to take your body to a whole new level!

List Price: $ 0.00

Price: $ 0.00


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Modern Operating Systems (4th Edition)

Modern Operating Systems, Fourth Edition, is intended for introductory courses in Operating Systems in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering programs. It also serves as a useful reference for OS professionals


The widely anticipated revision of this worldwide best-seller incorporates the latest developments in operating systems (OS) technologies. The Fourth Edition includes up-to-date materials on relevant¿OS. Tanenbaum also provides information on current research based on his experience as an operating systems researcher.


Modern Operating Systems, Third Editionwas the recipient of the 2010 McGuffey Longevity Award. The McGuffey Longevity Award recognizes textbooks whose excellence has been demonstrated over time.¿


Teaching and Learning Experience

This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience–for you and your students. It will help:


  • Provide Practical Detail on the Big Picture Concepts: A clear and entertaining writing style outlines the concepts every OS designer needs to master.
  • Keep Your Course Current: This edition includes information on the latest OS technologies and developments
  • Enhance Learning with Student and Instructor Resources: Students will gain hands-on experience using the simulation exercises and lab experiments.

List Price: $ 205.20

Price: $ 104.99


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The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook: Eat Even More Food and Lose Even More Weight

Turn your kitchen into a secret weapon for losing up to 20 pounds in 28 days through the fat-burning power of food!
 Use food as medicine to cook your way healthy in this must have companion to the bestselling diet sensation, The Fast Metabolism Diet. You will find over 200  simple, effective, mouthwatering, family-pleasing recipes designed to evoke change in your body with a plan that celebrates food, thrives on variety, and has you eating five to six times a day according to a three-phase plan strategically designed to keep your metabolism burning at lightening speeds.
On phase 1 you will cook to unwind stress and support your adrenals with nourishing breakfasts like Strawberry Pancakes and French Toast with Peaches, as well as delicious entrees like the Mediterranean Turkey with Wild Rice, Halibut Stir Fry, and Brown Pasta with Meat Sauce.
On Phase 2, you’ll be cooking to unlock stored fat and feed the liver with protein-rich salads like the Grilled Turkey Bacon and Asparagus Salad, the Chicken Fajita Salad, and luxurious dinners like Lamb with Green Beans , Filet Mignon and Cabbage, and  Rosemary Pork Tenderloin with Mustard Greens.
Then on Phase 3, it is time to use your kitchen to unleash the burn and ignite the Fast Metabolism hormones with high healthy fat meals like the Sprouted Grain Breakfast Burrito, Steak Fajita Avocado Wraps, and Fried egg with Olive Oil Spinach. You’ll prepare dairy free creamy soups and stews like Leek and Cauliflower Soup and Veggie Chili, and serve crowd-pleasing dinners like Turkey and Bell Pepper Casserole, and Cornish Game Hens with Mushroom Quinoa Stuffing
As you cycle through all three phases each week you’ll add kindling to your metabolic fire with amazing snacks like sweet potato fries, crispy kale chips, and fresh fruit salad, or mounds of veggies served with dips and dressings like the Black Bean Cilantro Dip, Mango Salsa, or creamy White Bean and Dill Hummus.
And to top it all off, for each phase you’ll be whipping up rich desserts and smoothies, like Baked Apple Crisp, Chocolate cherries,  Coconut Almond Pudding, Melon-Mint Smoothie, and  Blackberry Sorbet.
Plus plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, such as a hearty lentil chili,  savory Artichoke-Avocado Salad,  silky Butternut Squash Soup, and Garden Egg White Soufflé.

Full of helpful and affordable hints for cooking on each of the three phases, a wealth of freezer-friendly recipes to cook in bulk, and dozens of slow cooker options that can be prepared in under 5 minutes, this is the ideal tool for the busy mom, the on-the-go professional, or anyone who wants to make delicious, nutritious, home-cooked food part of his or her Fast Metabolism lifestyle.

Featured Recipes from The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook

Greek Meatballs
Download the recipe for Greek Meatballs and Veggies

Peach Sorbet
Download the recipe for Peach Sorbet

Tangerine Halibut Salad with Snow Peas and Mushrooms
Download the recipe for Tangerine Halibut Salad


List Price: $ 26.00

Price: $ 12.91


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The 10 Principles of ENDLESS WEALTH – How To Generate More Money Than You Can Spend In a Lifetime

Packed with powerful advice gained from the experiences of self made millionaires!

Financial advisor and author of the best selling POWER PROFITS series – Dan Howe has advised some of the wealthiest people in America for well over a decade and has distilled their knowledge into 10 core principles that the top 1% of America’s earners use to build and maintain their vast fortunes in good times and bad.

If you are looking for the answer to what’s been holding you back in your financial life this book will open your eyes to the opportunities that surround you on a daily basis, and it will show you how to approach them the way the Rockefellers, Buffets and other titans of finance do – starting with what you have today!

Topics covered: motivation, inspiration, leadership, personal investment, investment, wealth, real estate, stock market



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The Food Babe Way: Break Free from the Hidden Toxins in Your Food and Lose Weight, Look Years Younger, and Get Healthy in Just 21 Days!

Cut hidden food toxins, lose weight, and get healthy in just 21 days.

Did you know that your fast food fries contain a chemical used in Silly Putty? Or that a juicy peach sprayed heavily with pesticides could be triggering your body to store fat? When we go to the supermarket, we trust that all our groceries are safe to eat. But much of what we’re putting into our bodies is either tainted with chemicals or processed in a way that makes us gain weight, feel sick, and age before our time.

Luckily, Vani Hari – aka the Food Babe – has got your back. A food activist who has courageously put the heat on big food companies to disclose ingredients and remove toxic additives from their products, Hari has made it her life’s mission to educate the world about how to live a clean, organic, healthy lifestyle in an overprocessed, contaminated-food world, and how to look and feel fabulous while doing it.

In THE FOOD BABE WAY, Hari invites you to follow an easy and accessible plan to rid your body of toxins, lose weight without counting calories, and restore your natural glow in just 21 days. Including anecdotes of her own transformation along with easy-to-follow shopping lists, meal plans, and mouthwatering recipes, THE FOOD BABE WAY will empower you to change your food, change your body, and change the world.

List Price: $ 27.00

Price: $ 19.89


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Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance))

The all-in-one guide to everything you need to know to start an online business

Starting an online business can be a tricky undertaking. Luckily, Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition gives you the business savvy needed to make your online business boom. Cutting through technical jargon and hype, this plain-English guide arms you with everything you need to succeed, from developing a business plan and designing your website to making the most of marketing through social media—and everything in between. Plus, you’ll get ideas for funding your online start-up, tips for moving your brick-and-mortar customers online, ways to breathe new life into a tired business, the latest on trademarks and copyrights, and much more.

  • Includes updated information on web page design with HTML 5 and CSS, new analysis tools, and search engine optimization
  • Gives you trusted information on Internet security
  • Covers niche and advanced e-commerce topics

If you’re in the exciting position of planning, launching, or maintaining a successful online business, this all-encompassing guide will make you an online entrepreneur in no time.

List Price: $ 34.99

Price: $ 21.18


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Make Extra Money Online Now!

Make Extra Money Online Now is a collection of the best proven home based business ideas that anyone can set up at their home and make money.

This book contains things that everyone can do regardless of your level of expertise. It will walk you through the most profitable ways to make money online doing things you love. Besides you will have the freedom to work when and where you want while maintaining the lifestyle that you like. You can tour the world, spend more time with your friends & family, and enjoy life.

If you are new to making money online or you want to set your own work-hours, then this book is for you and you can start today!

About the Author

Nicolas is a serial entrepreneur with lengthy years of experience. He writes non-fiction books for people that want to earn money using the Internet.



Online Business Marketing

This Is What Success Looks Like: 13 Steps Anyone Can Follow

Success not only leaves clues, it draws you a easy to follow blueprint! The key is knowing where to look. You may have been told you’re not cut out to be successful, you may be one of the people who stand in their own way or you may just need a little push in the right direction. This Is What Success Looks Like is a proven formula that gives you an exact blueprint to achieve success in any field you want. Through countless hours of study, analyzing and testing, the formula found in this book is not only proven, it’s life changing. If you have the desire to be successful, but just haven’t been able to reach your potential, you cannot afford to pass on this information. The world is yours if you’re ready to take it. What’s waiting for you inside these pages will open your eyes to not only the possibilities, but the reality that you’re already closer than you think.

List Price: $ 14.95

Price: $ 13.18


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How To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day Job With My Blog

Bob Lotich founded back in 2007 and after getting laid off in 2008 he took the leap into full-time blogging. Less than a year later he was earning more from his blog than his previous day-job.

While his results are not typical, this book covers all the steps he took to make money from his blog over that two-year period.

Who this book is written for:

* Those who want to get started blogging
* Those who are already blogging but aren’t making as much money as they’d like to.

Who this book is NOT written for:

* People looking for a get-rich-quick system that requires little effort.
* Experienced bloggers making over 00/m (though the book will still probably be helpful, it isn’t written to this audience)

Some of the topics covered in the book:

* 4 Steps to Start Blogging in 10 minutes
* Blogging Basics
* How to setup a Self-Hosted Blog
* The importance of a Customizable WordPress theme
* 3 primary ways to earn from your blog
* How long does it take to make money from your blog?
* How to get traffic to your blog
* SEO Tips for bloggers
* How I increased Adsense earnings 00/m in less than 3 months
* 7 helpful tools that made it all possible

List Price: $ 3.99

Price: $ 2.47


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Make Money Online: How To Sell Kindle Books Online To Start Making Passive Income In Less Than A Month. (Make Money Online, Make Money From Home, Make … Home Based Business, Online Business)

Discover The Easiest Way To Generate Passive Income and Make Money Online In Less Than One Month Selling Kindle Books!

For a Limited Time Only Download This Amazing Kindle Book For Only .99, Normally Priced at .99, and Read On Your PC, Mac, Tablet, Smart Phone or Kindle Device Today!

Millions of people are trying to start making money online but cannot find the right method of doing so. They spend a lot of time, money, and effort trying to set up online businesses when really the EASIEST way to make money online is to sell kindle books on the most AMAZING and INNOVATIVE book market on the internet. In this book I will teach you in 4 steps how to create your own book and sell it online so you can start making money online. The best part of it all is it is FREE to sell on the kindle store, so you do not have to worry about publisher fees and it is way easier to promote a book that people can ACTUALLY buy with JUST 1 CLICK.

If you are ready to make a change and actually make your first PASSIVE INCOME you have ever earned than this is the book for you. However, If you are the type of person who likes to sit down and not take action this is NOT the book for you. To make money online you will have to write a book, you will have to market you book and you will have to create multiple books for this to work. If you do not do this I cannot guarantee you will start making money online. If you do put in the effort and make sure you put your best foot forward I can guarantee you will make at least 100 times the cost of this simple guide to making money online. So if you are ready to write books and cash in on them download Make Money Online today to start reaping the rewards and changing your life.

Here Is A Preview of What You Will Learn In Make Money Online

  • How To Publish In Kindle
  • How To Format Your Kindle Book
  • Registration and Taxes
  • Marketing Your Kindle Book
  • Download Today For Only .99!



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    Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea, 16 Tea Bags (Pack of 6)

    • Specifically formulated to help provide the energy you need to maintain an active lifestyle while dieting
    • Organic green tea and garcinia cambogia fruit extract with ginseng and eleuthero extracts support stamina
    • Light and sweet blueberry flavor and hints of organic hibiscus add brightness and fruity flavor
    • Fragrant and delicious addition to a weight loss program of exercise and a balanced diet
    • 100% all natural herbal supplement made with non-GMO ingredients

    At Yogi we believe the purpose of business is to serve. Yogi was founded on that belief and still uses the idea of business serving as its guiding principle: “Feel Good, Be Good, Do Good.” At Yogi we are committed to providing healthy, natural teas that are accessible to as many people as possible. With more than 40 years of experience, we strive to support the health and well-being of our consumers by incorporating the highest-quality natural and organic ingredients in our teas. Since our founding in 1969, the holistic teachings of Ayurveda and healthy living have been the inspiration behind Yogi. These teachings continue to inform how we develop our products, and we honor and reflect them through the Yogi Principles.

    List Price: $ 27.19

    Price: $ 15.85


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    Garcinia Cambogia By Naturo Sciences – Extract Pure – 75% HCA – Ultra Slim Weight Management – Natural Appetite Suppressant and Weight Loss Supplement – Lose Belly Fat Fast – Read Below and Learn How to Naturally Lose Weight Without Feeling Like You’re on a Diet – 1000mg Per Serving, 30 Servings, 90 Capsules

    • ✔GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT 75% HCA! By NATURO SCIENCES ❉ The frantic pace of today’s lifestyle does very little to support a healthy weight. It is far too easy to rely on processed foods when there’s little time to cook. Our bodies have become trained to store more fat and our lifestyles are feeding that cycle. Fortunately, there is an all-natural substance that can help to end the cycle of fat storage that is keeping you from having the vital, slim, healthy body you long for.
    • ✔✔WHAT IS PURE GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT? ❉ Garcinia Cambogia is better known as tamarind fruit, which grows in some parts of Africa, in Southeast Asia and in India. It has long been prized in Asian. Numerous studies have shown that taking Garcinia Cambogia can result in 2-3 times the fat loss of diet and exercise alone. With the typical fat loss being 1 pound per week, that can mean as much as 2-4 pounds of fat loss per month with Garcinia Cambogia.
    • ✔✔✔HOW DOES THE HCA IN GARCIINIA CAMBOGIA ACTUALLY WORK? ❉ HCA actually inhibits the enzymes in our bodies that are tasked with converting sugar into stored fat. Instead, that sugar is converted into glycogen and stored in the liver and in your muscle tissue, so that it can be burned as fuel. Your body is retrained to burn fat and to build lean muscle at the same time. This is important, as many fat loss supplements actually result in the loss of lean muscle.
    • ✔✔✔✔WHAT MAKES NATURO SCIENCES GARCINIA DIFFERENT FROM OTHER BRANDS? ❉Although there are many Garcinia Cambogia supplements, most contain only 60% HCA. Ours contains 75% HCA, significantly more than other brands. As with all Naturo Sciences supplements, our Garcinia Cambogia is made with only the freshest, purest ingredients, without the fillers and binding agents. It also contains potassium and calcium, which have been shown to improve absorption
    • ✔✔✔✔✔IS GARCINIA CAMBOGIA SAFE FOR EVERYONE? ❉ The tamarind fruit or Garcinia Cambogia has been used in Africa, Asia and India for centuries and is even on the menus of some of the finest American restaurants. The HCA extract is safe to take, though pregnant women and women who are nursing should not take HCA. Those with Type 2 diabetes should speak with their doctors before taking HCA.

    It’s Hard to Feel Fit and Skinny These Days..

    The frantic pace of today’s lifestyle does very little to support maintaining a healthy weight. Many people’s schedules are too full to allow for regular, healthy exercise and it is far too easy to rely on processed, packaged and pre-made foods when there’s little time to cook, much less sit down to a healthy organic nutrient-dense meal.

    Fortunately, there is an all-natural substance that can help to end the cycle of bad eating that is keeping you from having the vital, slim, healthy body you long for.

    What is Garcinia Cambogia?

    Garcinia is also known as tamarind fruit, which grows in some parts of Africa, in Southeast Asia and in India. It has long been prized for Asian medicinal uses and has only recently been found to have incredible belly fat burning benefits. The reason for this is an extract from the Garcinia Cambogia called hydroxyi-citric acid or HCA.

    What Does Garcinia Cambogia Actually Do?

    -Natural Appetite Suppression

    -Controls Sugar Cravings

    -Regulates Blood Sugar

    -Lowers Blood Cortisol Levels

    -Converts Stored Fat to Burn as Fuel

    -Increases Serotonin Levels

    -Stabilize Moods

    -Lowers LDL Cholesterol

    -Block Fat

    Don’t Hesitate! Try Garcinia Cambogia risk free today! and click “Add to Cart”

    List Price: $ 59.97

    Price: $ 24.97


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    Good Nutrition: It Starts With Food We Eat Reason We Get Fat

    Good Nutrition: It Starts With Food We Eat Reason We Get Fat.

    Some people live their lives not really thinking about the consequences of their actions. When it comes to your personal health, this is not a productive or attractive attitude to have. Learning about nutrition will help you learn how to feel and act to the best of your capabilities.

    Although salads are healthy, the salad dressing is not. Dressings which are creamy have high fat and are low in nutritional value. Rather, opt for vinaigrette dressings or just combine olive oil and vinegar yourself. Putting some walnuts and cranberries in a salad is also a great idea.

    Do not make the mistake of avoiding fat entirely. Some fat is necessary to provide a feeling of fullness and help your body function properly, but try to stick to healthier fats rather than the partially hydrogenated version found in most packaged snack food. A little fat with a meal causes carbohydrates to digest more slowly for a lower rise in blood sugar, resulting in more constant energy and less hunger later.

    Eating wheat free diets to get lid of wheat belly fat can be challenging to some. You don’t have to eat to live the fast diet but eat healthy diets that have low blood sugar solution. A good example is the fast metabolism diet which is the revolutionary diet well known to shred off excess unwanted carbs. This amazing nutrient-rich program for fast and sustained weight loss is been known to boost health and fitness confidence and promote a healthy body. Its time you lose the weight, lose the wheat, and find your path back to health.

    To learn more, please download the Good Nutrition: It Starts With Food We Eat Reason We Get Fat today. Thanks.



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    Wheat Belly Total Health: The Ultimate Grain-Free Health and Weight-Loss Life Plan

    Wheat Belly Total Health answers the question, “What’s next in the battle against wheat?” In his follow-up to the mega bestseller, Wheat Belly, Dr. Davis helps his readers take command over their life and health in the aftermath of wheat. There are many strategies that will help heal the damage caused by years of a wheat-filled diet. And many of these lessons have been learned in the years since the original Wheat Belly was released, lessons played out on the broad public stage of over one million readers, all participating in this grand adventure.

    Reordering your life after wheat is about learning how to regain full metabolic, gastrointestinal, thyroid, cardiovascular, hormonal, sleep, neurological, bone, and joint health. Understanding the strategies and putting them to use can take health several steps higher, even if the reader has already had a major health success without wheat. In addition to achieving better health in many different areas, life performance also improves in virtually all settings. In the life after wheat, you’ll feel unrestrained, unimpaired, and unstoppable!

    List Price: $ 26.99

    Price: $ 12.93


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    The Bigs: The Secrets Nobody Tells Students and Young Professionals About How to Find a Great Job, Do a Great Job, Be a Leader, Start a Business, Stay Out of Trouble, and Live A Happy Life

    What is The Bigs? In baseball, “the bigs” is slang for the big leagues. When you become responsible for yourself, and you are being paid to do a job, you are in the big leagues. The real world is tough, competitive, and much is expected.

    This is a quintessentially American story of one man’s journey through his career and life. Wall Street veteran Ben Carpenter chronicles the people he met, the experiences he had, the mistakes he made, and what he learned along the way. Readers will encounter a colorful cast of real-life characters which include Big Hank, Hoops, Sweater Girl, The Zombies, Mr. Nuts, The Cheese, Deep Throat, and The RAT. Their tales illuminate Carpenter’s progress from newly minted liberal arts graduate, to the owner of an out-of-control bar in Manhattan, to the CEO of a major international investment company.

    While the real world can be very fun, it’s also very much a battle, and that battle is not easy for anyone. The Bigs is an eye-opening book with specific, comprehensive, and practical advice you won’t hear anywhere else. This is a book that parents will want to read and give to their children—and their children will want to read and share with their friends.

    List Price: $ 25.00

    Price: $ 11.97


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    How to Make Money Online by Rating Websites as a Google Rater

    “Wow. Somebody finally did it.” – An Amazon Reviewer

    #1 Bestseller in Home-Based Business

    Would You Like to Make Money by Rating Websites?

    Around the world, there are thousands of people who work from the comfort of their homes, rating webpages for their incomes. They control their time and are able to balance their work and home lives. They have better relationships with their families. They don’t have to put up with annoying bosses or coworkers, and they can avoid the dreadful commute to work.

    Who are these people? They’re page quality raters! In The Google Rater, you will learn exactly what a rater does and how to become one.

    Are you a website owner? Understanding the process of page quality rating is a valuable skill that can help drive more traffic to your site!

    What is a Google Rater?

    Many people have never heard of page quality raters. This position is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Page quality raters work from home for companies like Google and Bing. Their job is to sift through web content to help make search results more accurate and helpful.

    The Google Rater will teach you precisely how to succeed as a page quality rater!

    Become a Successful Page Quality Rater

    The benefits of working online are fantastic. Whether you are looking for some extra side income, or a way to quit your day job, page quality rating is a great option for you.

    In The Google Rater, you will discover:

    • What page quality raters do and why they are needed
    • The different types of raters
    • Pay and benefits
    • Skills, qualities, and tools needed for the job
    • Steps to becoming a rater
    • The companies that hire
    • In depth details of the work to be completed

    Would You Like To Know More?

    Download the book now and start rating!

    Scroll to the top of the page and click the buy button.



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    Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay!

    You don’t need a Kindle to buy this. Available for immediate reading with your
    Amazon virtual cloud reader or free Amazon app.

    Want to Work from Home?

    *Updated April 2014*

    Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay!” shares a ton of companies where you can get a job that pays you to work from the comfort of your home. Some of these positions offer benefits such as medical, dental and vision insurance, education and training, paid time off, life and disability plans, retirement and or other benefits.

    A full list of companies many of which are hiring right now is at your fingertips in “Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay!

    Written by Lee Mellott, a “Woman’s World MagazineUltimate Work From Home Expert this book can help you earn income from the comfort of your home!

    Included in the book are companies that hire part and full time paid employees, freelance positions and direct links to places to look for a job. Plus, you will discover how to avoid scams and much more!

    Just look at what is included:

    • Introduction
    • The Cold Hard Truth About Working From Home
    • Work From Home Scams
    • Work From Home Jobs
    • Accounting and Bookkeeping
    • Call Center Operator
    • Health Care
    • Mystery Shopper
    • Search Engine Evaluator
    • Transcription and Coding
    • Writer
    • Quick Gig Sites
    • Freelance Sites
    • Find Your Work From Home Job!
    • Let’s Connect and Book Bonus!

     It’s all here. If you are ready to work from home, then download your copy of “Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay! NOW!



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    Beyond Blogging with WordPress: 10 Easy Ways to Add Impressive Functionality to Your Blog to Earn Even More Money (Business Matters Book 17)

    WordPress is one of the most convenient FREE programs available to help you create an attractive, well-organized website. Most people use WordPress for blogging, with great results. But why just stop at blogging, when you can add even more impressive functionality to your site in just a few clicks, to drive more traffic, increase reader loyalty, and make more money as a blogger?

    In this guide, you will discover step by step methods for setting up your WordPress blog from scratch quickly and easily. Use it to get started blogging, or as a checklist to make sure you have set up your blog correctly to gain the kind of traffic from readers and search engines that you will need in order to have a successful money-making blog.

    Once you have accomplished the essentials, you will then be able to go beyond blogging with WordPress, to build your business and bring in even more revenue by discovering 10 impressive ways to build your business by adding full-featured professional functionality to your WordPress based site, FREE, with the help of handy FREE plugins you can download from your WordPress administrator’s area, or free or inexpensive plugins and themes that will look like an expensive programmer customized your site for you, but for pennies compared to what they would charge.

    Some of these free plugins are ready to use as is. Some will require a small amount of configuration, but are so easy, even a new comer to WordPress will be able to set them up correctly. In this illustrated guide, you will learn how to transform your blog into one or more of the following:

    1-Article Directory

    2-Auction Site

    3-Content Management System

    4-E-Commerce Storefront

    5-Frequently Asked Questions or Question and Answer Portal

    6-Forum/Discussion Board

    7-Help Desk

    8-Invoicing System

    9-Membership Site

    10-Project Management Tool

    In this guide you will also discover even more ideas on how to transform and make money from your blog, for an even more impressive niche-related website. Also get insider information on how to make the most of the FREE WordPress plugins and themes available, so you can keep costs down and profits up.

    If you are eager to grow your new blog and go beyond the basics to create an impressive niche website to rival even those of your top competitors, download this guide today and start adding the features that make sense for your business in order to achieve your financial goals.


    +WordPress blog owners who wish to make their blog look and function more impressively for their readers

    +New WordPress users who quickly want to learn the essentials of setting up their blog as a business and wish to learn more about the different ways they can grow their blog as they gain a larger readership


    Word Count=20,665

















    +Event managing, mapping, review sites, and more, all in a few clicks, all free




    Joan Mullally has worked in digital publishing and as a marketing consultant for a wide range of firms for nearly 20 years.Andrew Simon has worked in the technology departments of some of the world’s leading financial institutions, including Dow Jones the New York Stock Exchange.



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    The 50c Challenge: You don’t need money to make money

    In 2009 I failed. Badly. I was a business strategist who lost his business, had mountains of debt and lived in his mother’s house. So how did I turn it all around? How was I able to pay off my debts, earn an extra degree and reboot my career and my life?

    It all started with a simple idea and a 50c coin that could make me a millionaire.

    The 50c Challenge is a game that teaches you how to make, keep and grow money by starting really small. The book has the following features:

    - The rules of the 50c Challenge

    - Guidelines to playing a successful game

    - Ideas to start your game

    - And the number one secret to business success



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    Make Money Online: Killer Tips & Tricks To Make Money Online With Fiverr.Com (Make 00+ Per Month on Fiverr)

    Our #1 Recommended Book For Making Money Online With Fiverr

    UPDATED: This book has been updated for the NEW Fiverr and after receiving user feedback

    Why do you need to read this book?

    This book will show you how to make money online from countless micro-jobs that almost anyone can do. In this guide you’ll get a solid approach to earn online like never before.

    Learn The Fiverr Secrets That Most Fiverr Users Don’t Know

    – Are you already a Fiverr seller making little or no sales?

    – You want to get into this new online earning revolution on Fiverr?

    – Do you want to know the secrets to making 00 or more monthly on

    – Are you tired of all the confusion about how to make money online?

    Make More Money Online Faster…

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that the name “Fiverr” is all about , you can earn hundreds of dollars which can easily add up to thousands. This resource book is sure to put you on a fast-track to succeed on Fiverr.

    Save yourself from a long learning curve and the hassle of trying to figure it out on your own. These methods presented are tested and are all foolproof strategies that have earned thousands of dollars for many Fiverr freelancers like me.



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    Transformational Speaking

    • Used Book in Good Condition

    You can change the world—one audience at a time!
    Today’s challenging times call for passionate visionaries who are authentic and articulate communicators. Speaking coach and consultant Gail Larsen presents a proven program that liberates the “speaker within” and transforms even the reluctant orator into an agent of change.
    While most books on public speaking focus on polishing your presentation and overcoming fear, Larsen’s holistic blend of spirit and logic goes far beyond the standard format, making TRANSFORMATIONAL SPEAKING a must-read for even the most seasoned speechmakers. With her uniquely inspirational approach, Larsen reaches out to those who want to make a genuine difference in our world by changing minds through touching hearts.
    TRANSFORMATIONAL SPEAKING offers insightful advice on everything from defining your message and refining your delivery, to managing the dynamics of a room, handling logistics like a pro, and building a connection with an audience of any size. Larsen has helped business executives and entrepreneurs, community and social change leaders, and healers and life coaches become active movers and shakers through the power of effective communication.

    List Price: $ 16.99

    Price: $ 8.37


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    The Consulting Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Create and Expand a Seven-Figure Consulting Practice

    Everything you need to know about building a successful, world-class consulting practice Whether you are a veteran consultant or new to the industry, an entrepreneur or the principal of a small firm, The Consulting Bible tells you absolutely everything you need to know to create and expand a seven-figure independent or boutique consulting practice. Expert author Alan Weiss, who coaches consultants globally and has written more books on solo consulting than anyone in history, shares his expertise comprehensively. * Learn and appreciate the origins and evolution of the consulting profession * Launch your practice or firm and propel it to top performance * Implement your consulting strategies in public and private organizations, large or small, global or domestic * Select from the widest variety of consulting methodologies * Achieve lasting success in your professional career and personal goals * The author is recognized as “one of the most highly regarded independent consultants in America” by the New York Post and “a worldwide expert in executive education” by Success Magazine Whether you’re just starting out or looking for the latest trends in modern practice, The Consulting Bible gives you an unparalleled toolset to build a thriving consultancy.

    List Price: $ 19.95

    Price: $ 10.81


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    Networking All-in-One For Dummies

    • Used Book in Good Condition

    The bestselling guide for network administrators, fully updated for Windows 8 If you’re responsible for a network, large or small, this book is your one-stop resource for all the essential details you need to know. Fully updated to cover Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, it features the latest on broadband technologies, storage, backup procedures, and all the current networking trends. Nine handy minibooks cover the basics, building a network, administration and security, TCP/IP and the Internet, wireless networking, mobile networking, Windows Server 2008, using other Windows servers, and managing Linux systems. A proven bestseller, with more than 111,000 copies sold in four previous editions Written by veteran IT expert Doug Lowe, who has more than 50 technology books to his credit Provides one-stop shopping for everything networking professionals need to keep large or small networks functioning efficiently Updated with the latest information on building and administering a network, security, wireless and mobile networking, using Windows servers, working with Linux systems, and much more Networking All-in-One For Dummies, 5th Edition provides what network administrators need to know in a handy, easy-to-use reference.

    List Price: $ 39.99

    Price: $ 13.98


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    Killer Work from Home Websites: Blogging, Website Design, Website Business, Website Building with SBI! Site Build It! Make Money Online

    What’s in This Book?

    Killer Work from Home Websites: Blogging, Website Design, Website Business, Website Building with SBI! Site Build It! Make Money Online details my journey, and the journey of everyday SBI!ers, who have found a way to build a successful website, and sustainable business, that allows us to fulfill our dream of working from home. 

    SBI! is a phenomenal online website builder, and worldwide community of users, who have discovered the business and site building capabilities of this awesome technology. For those who follow me through my Killer Work from Home Jobs series of books, this book details the path I took, and the web building technology I chose, in my effort to accomplish my goal of making money online – for life! Thousands of people have chosen SBI! Site Build It! website builder to host their blogs, websites, ecommerce sites, info sites, travel sites and more.

    What is This Book About?

    Killer Work from Home Websites: Blogging, Website Design, Website Business, Website Building with SBI! Site Build It! documents the specific research I conducted, and the astoundingly simple SBIer stories that influenced my decision, to become part of this global community of business owners, who have chosen SBI! to host and build their blogs, websites, and their dreams.

    • Do you want to work from home?

    • Do you want to make money online?

    • Do you want a website designed according to your terms?

    • Do you want to build a business that could finance your life? 

    Killer Work from Home Websites can help you build a website and a business that can change your life.  It changed mine.

    Who Needs to Read this Book?

    Killer Work from Home Websites: Blogging, Website Design, Website Business, Website Building with SBI! Site Build It! is for people who are passionate about working from home. SBI! is a website design and website building technology that can just about support anyone’s dreams. Looking for a get rich quick scheme? This is not for you. 

    SBI! is for everyday people, who have everyday goals. Like administrative assistants, typists, travel lovers, realtors, accountants, or others, who want to offer their services online. It’s for creative crafters, artists, jewelry makers, and more, who want to sell their wares. It’s for writers, app developers, and others who create digital e-products. Have a band to promote? Are you a salesman, a doctor, a lawyer? SBI! is the technology for you. 

    Site Build It! is for entrepreneurs, moms, retirees or students. My months of research can help your life look the way you imagined.

    You can contact me at to get notice of new Killer Work from Home books on Amazon.

    You’re not just buying a book, you’re buying my promise I’ll tirelessly provide you with the most up to date info at my disposal. I want to help you make your dream come true!

    Learn how to create Killer Work from Home Websites

    Scroll up & click the Purchase Button today.



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    International Business

    Market-defining since it was first introduced, International Business 9e by Charles W. L. Hill, continues to set the standard for international business textbooks. In writing the book, Charles Hill draws on his experience in teaching, writing, and global consulting to create the most thorough, up-to-date, and thought-provoking text on the market. Many issues in international business are complex, so, the text explores the pros and cons of economic theories, government policies, business strategies, organizational structures, etc. Hill’s: International Business is known for its strong emphasis on strategy and for maintaining a tightly integrated flow between chapters. Hill’s book is practical in nature and focuses on the managerial implications of each topic on the actual practice of international business. The author’s passion and enthusiasm for the international business arena is apparent on every page as he strives to make important theories interesting, informative, and accessible to all students.

    Price: $ 69.95


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    Selling Online To Make Extra Money: 7 Steps to Making Money Online: Can you use some extra cash? If so this one’s for YOU!! With straight to the point steps YOU won’t want to miss!!!

    Are you ready and willing to Fire Your Boss? If so step up and take the challenge that promises you will be making extra money within a month!!! Guaranteed!!!!



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    ViewSonic 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame (VFD820-70)

    • 8-Inch Ultra Slim digital photo frame, 800 x 600 high resolution for crisp & sharp image quality
    • LED backlight, 4:3 aspect ratio to minimize distortion
    • Calendar & clock features, Support SD/MMC/SDHC
    • Auto on/off feature, Light Sensor
    • Support JPG file/photo format

    VFD820-70 8-Inch digital photo frame features ultra slim frame design to compliment any décor at home or in the office to showcase your long lasting memory. The beautiful memories come alive with high resolution 800 x 600 screen for brilliant picture quality. Rich features include auto on/off, light sensor and LED backlight for power saving. With calendar and clock features, VFD820-70 is a functional piece of décor that showcases your memories in style.

    List Price: $ 90.00

    Price: $ 34.99


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    The Practice of System and Network Administration, Second Edition

    The first edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration introduced a generation of system and network administrators to a modern IT methodology. Whether you use Linux, Unix, or Windows, this newly revised edition describes the essential practices previously handed down only from mentor to protégé. This wonderfully lucid, often funny cornucopia of information introduces beginners to advanced frameworks valuable for their entire career, yet is structured to help even the most advanced experts through difficult projects.

    The book’s four major sections build your knowledge with the foundational elements of system administration. These sections guide you through better techniques for upgrades and change management, catalog best practices for IT services, and explore various management topics. Chapters are divided into The Basics and The Icing. When you get the Basics right it makes every other aspect of the job easier–such as automating the right things first. The Icing sections contain all the powerful things that can be done on top of the basics to wow customers and managers.

    Inside, you’ll find advice on topics such as

    • The key elements your networks and systems need in order to make all other services run better
    • Building and running reliable, scalable services, including web, storage, email, printing, and remote access
    • Creating and enforcing security policies
    • Upgrading multiple hosts at one time without creating havoc
    • Planning for and performing flawless scheduled maintenance windows
    • Managing superior helpdesks and customer care
    • Avoiding the “temporary fix” trap
    • Building data centers that improve server uptime
    • Designing networks for speed and reliability
    • Web scaling and security issues
    • Why building a backup system isn’t about backups
    • Monitoring what you have and predicting what you will need
    • How technically oriented workers can maintain their job’s technical focus (and avoid an unwanted management role)
    • Technical management issues, including morale, organization building, coaching, and maintaining positive visibility
    • Personal skill techniques, including secrets for getting more done each day, ethical dilemmas, managing your boss, and loving your job
    • System administration salary negotiation

    It’s no wonder the first edition received Usenix SAGE’s 2005 Outstanding Achievement Award!

    This eagerly anticipated second edition updates this time-proven classic:

    • Chapters reordered for easier navigation
    • Thousands of updates and clarifications based on reader feedback
    • Plus three entirely new chapters: Web Services, Data Storage, and Documentation

    List Price: $ 59.99

    Price: $ 40.63


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